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As an Artist it is a joy to be able to create something that touches the hearts of others. Being in the product development arena for as long as I have, I find it very rewarding to be able to connect with my collectors all over the world. My love for art & design goes beyond the drawing board it is a passion that I have that makes me want to continue to create something beautiful, something meaningful that I can share with others.


My experience lies with having the pleasure to work with some of the largest giftware companies in the industry both nationally and internationally. Seeking out niche markets and creating product that stands out in the market place is one of my strengths. This has led to many successful product introductions, published highlights, doing signings at major giftware shows and appearances on QVC shopping network. Having these amazing opportunities have helped me gain exposure while also growing my collector base.


In 2008 I designed a wedding collection called Language of Love™ this has been a very proud accomplishment as this line is still in the market today being sold in large chain distributors, bridal boutiques and specialty shops worldwide. This collection has become something very special because not only am I designing product I am also making memories.


One of things that puts a smile on my face every time is when we receive emails from our bridal customers who tell us their beautiful stories and why they choose one of my Language of Love™ cake toppers for their wedding day. This to me is an honor and something I will always cherish. You can check out some of these bridal stories by visiting the "Topper Talk" section of the website! Here brides can blog and share their wedding stories from around the world! I would love to hear from you!

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Gina Freehill Artist, designer, photo

I am continually inspired by my children, family and life's unexpected moments, it is what I thrive on to help keep my creative juices flowing. I have been called a versatile virtuoso as I have been in the industry on both ends of the spectrum. Lead Design Stylist in the corporate arena, Art Director, Art Licensor, Creative Director and now Principal of 2 companies: Blu Aura Design Inc. & /eCom Blu Inc. I have to say it has been an adventure going from designing a product line to running a company and now selling the products that I design through my online store - Knowing both sides of the process has definitely impacted me and my businesses, having a further reaching respect and admiration for manufacturers, retailers and collectors alike.

I want to graciously thank all my collectors and retailers for their ongoing business and support over the years.

We are very excited to be introducing new products and serving you throughout the future.


God Bless,

Gina wedding bride

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Gina Freehill Embrace cake Top.jpg
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